Known as firekid, the universe brought Dillon Hodges and Heidi Feek together based on their shared love for making the old new again. Introduced by a mutual friend who recognized the connection, Hodges’ music aimed to mix elements of bluegrass and pop, Feek’s a culmination of trail songs and pop. But as their discography develops, firekid strays farther and farther away from being just a genre-bending folk pop band. That’s evident in XY, their new four-song EP influenced by vintage hip hop production and 90’s country songs. Meanwhile, the album showcases the refined skill of both members as individual musicians and gives listeners a glimpse of their personal lives, more specifically — loss. With both Hodges and Feek emerging from divorce and grieving the death of loved ones, XY is firekid’s exploration of those feelings, finding happiness, and learning how to appreciate the small victories.